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The pages here try to focus on providing a brief summary of the most popular websites in the world based on traffic volume to each site. Some of the sites like Google or Facebook or Yahoo! are obvious to most people, while others like Doubleclick have massively volumes of traffic, but most people don't know they exist.

We've tried to give a brief description of them all. Obviously, it's a work in progress...

Monday, December 27, 2010 | Google Latvija Search Homepage | Search Google in Latvia | Google Latvija Search Homepage | Search Google in Latvia

Searching in Latvia is just as simple as anywhere else in the world, thanks to the Google Latvija web page, which serves the country.

Your favorite applications are right there on the front page. Google Docs, is there to edit your papers and presentations, Gmail is there to forward all of your email to your business partners. YouTube and image search allow you to look for the perfect photographs or find the most educational videos on line. Translate your favorite Books from one language to another and read them all on your own time scale in the comfort of your home with your computer.

If you want to search the process is simple. Just log in to the home page of Google in Latvia at:, and while it is not exactly proper to say you download Google Latvia search, the process is so fast and efficient that you might as well have it on your computer's hard drive. In fact it works so well, that you will probably make the Google Latvia homepage yours as well.

Whatever you need, it is all available right there.


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